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About Sabor!

Sabor! Family

In the beginning, there was no fresh hot sauce.

In 1979, Fernando Miramón went to the grocery store in Austin, Texas, to buy something to add spice and flavor to his food. Sadly, nothing on the shelf satisfied Fernando’s craving for the fresh, authentic, hand-made salsa he was accustomed to from his growing up in Mexico City. So, Fernando began mixing his own salsa from scratch, based on an old family recipe.

Fernando brought some of his home-made hot sauce to a dinner party with friends in the early 1980s. Soon, all of his friends were asking where they could buy it. Fernando told them he made it at home to add flavor to his food. Soon people started asking for jars and even gallons of the salsa, so Fernando decided to bottle it commercially.

And so, Sabor! Hot Sauce was born!

Sabor! is still made with pride and care by the Miramón family, the same way it has been done for over thirty years. Sabor! does not contain any preservatives or genetically modified ingredients because we believe food should be real, fresh and healthy. From our family to yours: Sabor! means flavor!

The Miramón Family
Made by Mexicans in Austin, Texas

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Sabor! FAQ

  • Q. How do you pronounce “Sabor!”?
  • A. Sabor! is pronounced “sa-BOR”!
  • Q. What does “Sabor” mean?
  • A. Sabor means flavor. Direct translation.
  • Q. What’s the shelf life?
  • A. Sabor! will last 4-5 weeks in the refrigerator and must be refrigerated at all times.
  • Q. Does Sabor! need to be refrigerated?
  • A. Yes! Sabor! must be refrigerated at all times because it does not have any preservatives.
  • Q. How do I enjoy Sabor!?
  • A.
    1. 1.  Always keep refrigerated.
    2. 2.  Pour on everything.
    3. 3.  You’re welcome.
  • Q. Is Sabor! Gluten free?
  • A. Yes, Sabor! is gluten free.
  • Q. Does Sabor! contain any GMOs?
  • A. No. Sabor! is made with non-GMO ingredients.

About The Founder

Fernando Miramón

Fernando Miramón is the creator of Sabor!

Fernando Miramón is the creator of Sabor! and a professional jazz musician who emigrated from Mexico City to Austin, Texas in 1979. Fernando was the keyboard player for Tinta Blanca, a headlining band in the 1971 Festival de Avándaro in Mexico, held to be the equivalent of Woodstock in Mexico.

See Fernando playing keyboards at Avándaro in Mexico!

Fernando has been playing acoustic piano, keyboards, and his personal favourite: Hammond B3 organ, professionally for 42 years. During his time on the road, Frenando travelled around Canada, Mexico and the USA playing Brazilian and Latin Jazz, Mexican Boleros and blues at private parties, hotels, restaurants and smoky Jazz clubs.

Fernando still makes Sabor! every week and plays Jazz in the Austin area. See where Fernando will play next by clicking on the link below!

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