Our Products

Our Products

Over the years making Sabor! in Austin, TX, the Miramón family has refined their best Mexican salsa recipes. Sabor! features these quality hand-made salsas to suit any taste or occasion.

Sabor! Mild: Pica-Poco!

Pica-Poco is created for people who prefer less spicy salsa. A blend of tomatoes, green onions, and a dash of Serrano peppers; all of the passion, less perspiration; perfect for your favorite sensitive salsa lover.

Sabor! Rabo Verde!

Sabor! Rabo Verde is for those of you who enjoy the garden fresh zest of tomatillos. a refreshing mix of tomatillos, green onions, Serrano peppers, and spices. This salsa is zesty, refreshing, with a nice spicy kick! According to our loyal customers, Verde is a favorite addition to seafood dishes.

Sabor! Hot!

Sabor! Hot! is the original recipe Fernando began making in 1981. Tomatoes, green onions, Serrano peppers and a perfect balance of spices are all on the menu. This zesty salsa does amazing and wonderful things with meats, poultry, and breakfast tacos… or by itself with a bag of tortilla chips. Sabor! Hot! really makes the perfect snack.

Sabor! Habanero!

Sabor! Habanero! is our response to people who eat one jar of Hot! in a single serving. Crafted with choice Habanero peppers to have a slow but all-encompassing burn, this hot sauce is not for the masses. You have been warned.

Sabor! Sustainability

Sabor! is committed to the local food movement and sources ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible, like from our friends at Barton Springs Nursery.

We are also growing our own produce!